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In England - none. Around England - mostly the Atlantic.

Do they have any rivers and oceans in England?
England has many rivers but no oceans.

Is there any oceans in England?
not in England but it is beside the Atlantic Ocean

What oceans border England?
Oceans and seas that border England are the North Atlantic Ocean,English Channel,Celtic Sea,North Sea, and Irish Sea.

What are the nearest oceans near England?
The Atlantic Ocean

What was the New England Colony based on?
The economy in the New England colonies was based on the forests and the oceans!

What are the names of the Oceans in England?
The Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

What oceans borders England?
The Atlantic Ocean and the tour dubai North Sea.

What oceans and seas surround England?
Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Arctic Ocean also the Irish Sea and English Channel ------------------------------------- THAT IS INCORRECT. the seas that surround England are: Celtic sea, Irish Sea, North Sea and the English channel, the Atlantic and Arctic oceans do not touch English soil --------------------------------- While the 'correction' above is true in what it says, the question was:- what Oceans and Seas surround (not touch) England - in which case the first answer was correct...

What landforms does England have?
England has many mountains , lakes , rivers , hills , and oceans. By the pettiest girl in the world I AM SO SEXY

What major oceans do you pass to get from Miami Florida to London England?
The Atlantic Ocean

Which country opened the first trade routes across the oceans?
I think is was England

Which oceans and seas are the shortest route from Australia to England?
The Atlantic and Indian Oceans would be the shortest, most direct route from the UK to the west coast of Australia.

What countries and oceans are near England?
Scotland and Wales share a land border with England. France is the nearest foreign country. England has the North Sea on its east coast and the Atlantic Ocean to its west.

What seas or oceans does England border?
The North Sea. The English Channel. The Atlantic Ocean. The Irish Sea.

How did England try to maintain its balance of trade?
Basically, by using the British navy in keeping control of the oceans.

Can you walk from England to Africa?
you can not walk to Africa from England because in between the two continents are seas and oceans . the other reason is they are far apart for u to travel by foot.

Which oceans would a ship cross if it sailed from Sydney Australia to London England by the shortest route?
Indian Ocean

Which oceans and seas would a ship cross if it sailed from Sydney Australia to London England by the shortest route?
Indian ocean

Which oceans and seas would a ship cross if it sailed from sydney to London England by the shortest route?
ask someone else

What important events happened in 1776?
In July of 1776 Captain James Cook leaves England to explore the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. In September of 1776 the first horse race is held in England.

Why did the navy branch start?
Because there was an ocean separating us from our enemy at the time, England. Also the US does a lot of trade via the oceans.

How many oceans are there in Alaska?
There are no oceans in Alaska, it is surrounded by two oceans, the Arctic and the Pacific Oceans.

What are the physical features of temperate oceans?
Temperate oceans appear to be more green than other oceans. Temperatures in the temperate oceans tend to fluctuate more than tropical oceans. Temperate oceans are also not as clear as tropical oceans.

The equator passes over three large oceans?
Atlantic oceans, pacific oceans and indians oceans.

What is the oceans in Poland?
There are not oceans in poland, there are maybe seas, but no oceans.

Do other oceans have oceans?
Oceans have seas, gulfs, lagoouns.

What are primal oceans?
primal oceans are oceans that are fresh watered oceans thatmarine life animals can live in and can adapt to

What is the possessive form of oceans?
The possessive form of the plural noun oceans is oceans'. Example: The oceans' currents north of the equator are a clockwise rotation.

How many islands surround oceans?
Islands do not surround oceans, oceans surround islands.

Is there any oceans by Kentucky?
no Kentucky does not have oceans even tho there are oceans by the state of kentucky

What oceans surround England?
YO MOMMA'S SO BIG, SHE COULD SURROUND ENGLAND. I joke, wait, NO I DON'T Kidding, the Atlantic ocean:) LOL, whoever you are listen to this, Your beautiful, don't let anyone ever tell you different3 ILY3 ;)

What are the worlds 4 oceans?
What are the world's 4 oceans ? Atlantic , Artic , Pacific , and Indian oceans

Is Antarctica the only continent to touch all of the oceans?
Antarctica does not touch all of the oceans, in fact no continent touches all oceans. There are 5 oceans and Antarctica only touches 4 of the 5 oceans in the world.

Are there any freshwater oceans?
There are no freshwater oceans.

Does the world have 7 oceans?
No, it has five oceans...

How many oceans does Africa have?
it has 5 oceans

Is Mar's oceans red?
No. Mars has no oceans.

Are there any oceans in Spain?
No, there are no oceans in Spain.

What oceans are the Nunavut islands in?
They are in the Arctic Oceans.

What are the oceans of Norway?
The Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Which are the largest oceans in Montana?
There are no oceans in Montana.

What is the name of the oceans in Brazil?
There are no oceans in Brazil.

How do you spell oceans?
That is the correct spelling oceans

How many oceans are there in US?
The US does not have any oceans. However, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans surround the US.

Which three oceans do not touch Australia?
There are only two oceans that do not touch Australia. They are the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

What five oceans are salt?
The five oceans that have salt in them are the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian,Artic,and The Southern Oceans.

What are three oceans that do not touch Australia?
There are just two oceans that do not touch Australia: the Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans.

How many oceans on on earth?
Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Southern (Antarctic) Oceans. 5 oceans

What oceans do not touch Australia besides Arctic Ocean?
The Arctic, Atlantic and Southern Oceans do not touch Australia. The only oceans touching Australia are the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Which ocean surrounds the continent?
North America: Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans. South America: Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Europe: Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Africa: Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Asia: Arctic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Australia: Indian and Pacific Oceans. Antarctica: Southern Ocean.

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