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travel is usually divided into two broad categories : vạn lý trường thành leisure travel and business travel. Leisure travel is travel for the purpose of enjoyment and business travel is travel beyond one's general home area for reasons related to work

What are the two major kinds of travel?
Aerial, and Aquatic

What are two major political parties that no longer exist?
The Whigs and the Liberals

What are the two major types of carbohydrate molecules that exist inside the body?
Monosaccharides,Disaccharides these are the type of carbohydrate exist in human body.

What are the two major myths of race?
Certain races are superior to others and pure races exist.

Volcanoes tend to exist along major plate boundaries what two boundaries exist that cause the volcanoes to exist along the cascade range in the pacific northwest?
Pacific plate and north american plate

What is the major function of potassium magnesium in the body?
potassium magnesium doesn't exist. They are two separate "metals".

Do timemachines exist?
Time machines exist in movies. Time travel exists in theory.

How do aliens travel?
Aliens, which have not been proven to exist, presumably travel by a UFO or spacecraft.

What are two major life processes that involved both carbon and oxygen?
The two major life processes that involve carbon and oxygen are photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Without these two processes, life on our planet would cease to exist. ChaCha again soon!

Is time travel possible through Wormholes?
Wormholes are highly hypothetical; there is no evidence that they exist, or even that they can exist.

What major does travel agent fall under?
Travel Agent is usually the name of the major. It should fall under Travel Agent Certificate program. The school I am attending has a Travel Agent Certificate program because that is what the major is. If you find a good hospitality school they should have a Travel Agent Certificate program. There is no B.A. or B.S. degrees for this type of major.

What are the two relationship exist in an ecosystem?
what are two relationship that exist in an ecosystem

How do people travel in Australia?
All the usual modes of transportation that exist in other countries also exist in Australia.

How safe is travel from United Arab Emirates to Israel and back?
You cannot travel directly between the UAE and Israel as the UAE does not recognise the state of Israel; as such no diplomatic or direct travel links exist between the two. The UAE will not permit entry into the country who has an Israeli entry or exit visa in their passport

Is tourism or travel a major industry in Alaska?
tourism and travel is not a industry.

How did the roads constructed throughout the Roman empire contribute to their success?
The roads allowed troops and goods to travel fast. Some still exist today. I have been on the Appian Way one of the major Roman roads.

What cruise travel line is the most popular?
In the United States, there are three major lines that dominate the sea cruise travel industry. The first is Carnival, which has two major ships on both the East and West Coasts. There is also the Norwegian line and also Disney, which has vaulted into the top 10.

Are wormholes capable for time travel to the past?
In the law of physics, wormhole can possibly exists, but no one ever found a wormhole or seen. there is no evidence that wormhole can exist. However if a wormhole is exist, then yes you can use it to travel to the past, you can use it as a time machine and travel to other universes.

How many air miles to travel between Belfast and Liverpool?
The distance between the two cities' major airports is about 130 air miles.

How many air travel miles between Phoenix and Chicago?
The distance between the two cities' major airports is about 1,480 air miles.

If you travel by ship through the panama canal which two major bodies of water will the ship sail through?
Pacific ocean and Atlantic ocean

How are electricity and magnestism different?
One major difference is that electric monopoles exist but magnetic monopoles do not exist.

What is the major political division of Afghanistan?
they don't exist

What are some of the major issues why drilling in Alaska is bad?
The potential of a major ecological disaster exist.

What is used to classify the major biomes?
The place where biomes exist is used to classify the major biomes.

Is it possible to build a warp drive for interstellar travel?
The technology and implementation does not yet exist to build a warp drive for interstellar travel.

Can time travel be done into vạn lý trường thành the future and past?
No. Matter can exist in only one place at one time. The concept of time travel implies that matter can exist in more than one place at a time, rendering that concept impossible.

List two reasons why gaps exist in the fossils record?
-Major disasters in the past (asteroids, death of dinosaurs) -Lost records (land changes over time.)

What two major religion exist in china?
The traditional religions are: Confucianism and Taoism. But more than 50 % of the Chinese population does not belong to any religions, that is non-religious.

Can a Ghanaian travel to Yugoslavia visa free?
No and for your information Yugoslavia no longer exist.

What the best theory how to change past without time travel?
no such theories exist.

What are the best travel insurance policies for visiting Asia?
Many travel insurance policies exist that are great for visiting Asia. Some of these travel insurance policies include CSA Travel Protection and TravelSafe Insurance.

Does a time machine exist that you can travel to the future in?
No, not currently. And the basic function for a time machine is to travel into the future and the past. Hence the "time" part.

What careers in health or biology exist that would let you travel a lot?
Marine Biology often requires travel internationally. Military doctors, or high profile doctors travel alot.

What is the major advantage of solar energy?
It allows us to exist.

What two characteristics of earth allow water to exist?
what two characteristics of earth allow liquid water to exist

What are the 3 major reasons why earth continue to exist?
The Earth continues to exist because of MATTER CYCLING, ENERGY AND GRAVITY

Why would you think places van ly truong thanh is a vital component of toursim?
Because If there is no tourism there will be no other places to travel for the tourists and no one traveling and TRAVEL wouldn't exist.

Four major classes of organic compounds found in living organisms are proteins carbohydrate?
Proteins and carbohydrates are two of the four significant classes of organic compounds that exist in organisms that are alive. The other two are nucleic acids and lipids.

What kind of wave doesn't need matter to travel through?
Electromagnetic waves travel quite well through empty space; in fact they travel faster than when matter is present. Gravitational waves are a theoretical concept; most physicists believe that they exist, but no one has yet caught a gravitational wave. If they do exist they won't need matter to travel through, and if present it won't slow them down.

How many syllables are in exist?
The word exist has two syllables. Ex-ist.

What are the two major factor influencing the rate at which information can travel through a communication channel?
bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio hassan-age16@hotmail.com communication - engineer

How many syllables are in travel?
Travel has two syllables.

How many miles per hour does the Erie canal travel?
The parts of the Erie Canal that still exist don't travel. They stay right where they have always been.

What is an nonsubstituted alkane that can exist as one of only two isomers?
Butune is a nonsubstituted alkane that can exist as one of only two isomers.

How do UFO's travel?
First you would have to establish that UFOs actually exist. If they do exist, we know nothing about them. All purported UFO sightings so far are doubtful at best.

Is the plot in Danny Phantom actually possible?
The Ghost Zone and a portal to it are both fictional creations. It would be impossible to travel to a place that does not exist by means of a device which does not exist.

What do you major to be a flight attendant?
Bachelor of Science major in Travel and Tourism Management or Bachelor of Science major in Airline Management (rare)

Does basic travel allowance exist in Egypt?
yes it does. Only the really poor countries don't.

Do coal miners still exist?
Yes they still exist because if you come to Zimbabwe it is the major source of electricity at Hwange coal fields

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