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i prefer the samsung b3410! :):)

Which is better for a teenager Samsung star WiFi or Samsung corby?
samsung corby s3563 has wifi as well but id still say the samsung corby is better

Can you have whatsapp on a Samsung corby plus GT-B3410?
Whatsapp is available on phones with Android OS 2.1, Apple, Blackberry, Windows phones and select Nokia phones. If the Samsung Corby doesn't doesn't fall under one of these categories, then mostly it can not have the Whatsapp. website

WHAT IS the Default pin code for Samsung mobile gt-b3410?
samsung b3410 what is the defaul pin code

Is Samsung corby better or iPhone?
samsung corby s3563 is better because the iphone 4 always freezes and stuffs up

Why cant I get on the internet on my Samsung b3410?
This is because the samsung b3410 does not have wifi, which is the wireless Internet from the area.

Is the Samsung b3410 touch screen?
Yes, the Samsung B3410 has Hybrid Touch & QWERTY layout.

Is Samsung champ better than corby pop?
no, samsung corby pop is way better than samsung champ as it has a much better camera, a better and larger display screen and the touchscreen is much more responsive. samsung champ tends to freeze when too many apps are opened together. samsung corby pop has a 2.8 display whereas champ has only 2.4 inch. samsung champ does not even have FM recording. battery life in samsung corby pop is more. therefore i would advise...

WHAT IS the Default password for samsung gt b3410?
gt b3410 reset passward

Does Samsung corby have wifi?
Samsung Corby (GT-S3653,GT-S3650) Does Not Have WiFi. But,Samsung Corby PRO 5310 Has Wifi. Now there is a tour thái lan giá rẻ Samsung S3653 Corby with Wifi .

Does Samsung corby have android?
No, Samsung Corby doesn't have Android.

Which mobile is better Samsung star touch or Samsung corby?
they are the same and monte is also the same

Where can you download free games for your Samsung Gt-B3410?
I think that there is no compatible game for this mobile.

How do you reset the phone lock on samsung GT-B3410?
To reset the phone lock on a Samsung GT-B3410 you have to enter your secret code. Once the secret code has been entered there is a button you can push to reset the phone lock.

Does wechat work in Samsung corby?
can i use wechat in a samsung corby S3653 phone

Is the Samsung corby pro the same as the Samsung Corby s3653?
no,its the same pro is b5310

WHAT IS the Default password for samsung gt-b3410?
Default is usually the last 4 digits of your phone number.

Is the Samsung Genio Pro and the Samsung B5310 Corby the same phone?
no. samsung b5310 is corby pro. not genio pro.

Is Samsung b3410 an android?
No, this phone isn't an android

Does the Samsung b3410 have a signature for texting?
Samsung brand doesn't have signitures for all of their phones.

Does Samsung corby mobile support 3G technology?
Samsung CorbyPro B5310 supports 3G Refrence: website website website

Which phone is best Samsung corby pro or Nokia E71?
yes,corby pro is the best than nokia E71. i advice samsung corby for you

Is Samsung s3370 corby 3g wi-fi capable?
Price of samsung s3370 corby?

Can you change Samsung corby 2 s3850 OS into Android?
No. Because Samsung Corby 2 is not compatible for Android.

How do you activate call diverting on Samsung corby gt s3653?
call tour thái lan giá rẻ divert samsung corby to other phone

Which phone is best Samsung corby pro or sony ericesson c905?
I think samsung corby pro would be great

How do you download whatsapp for Samsung corby?
There are websites that allow to download the application whatsapp. Connect to the Internet through Samsung Corby and download the application from the website Samsung Downloads.

Which anti virous good for your Samsung corby?
Samsung Corby (GT-S3653,GT-S3650) Is A Java phone.Therefore There Is No Need Of A Anti-Virus.

Is Samsung corby pro a good phone?
Samsung Corby Pro B5310 Price in India: Rs. 10,500/- Indian Rupee (INR)

Is Samsung corby mate touchscreen?
no you its not

What is the cost of Samsung Corby plus?
I got my pay as you go corby for 100$ at walmart

How do you record a voice mail answer message on your Samsung B3410?
it dapends on the password that you put :P

How do you transfer photos from Samsung B3410 to a computer?
use memory card reader :D

How much does the Samsung corby cost in India?
Samsung Corby (GT-S3653) Costs About INR.6500.(Approximate As Cost Of Mobile Phones Change Occasionally)

What is the unlocking code for pyramid bloxx in Samsung corby GT-S3653?
unlock kode for pyramid bloxx in samsung corby GT-S3653 128763990

How do you install trix in Samsung corby b3210?
You can't install trix in samsung.

Can you have whatsapp on a Samsung corby pro B5310 and how?
No, you can't. Its not meant for Corby. Edit. The reason for thisis the Corby pro is not running an Android based operating system. Samsung Proprietary OS - WhatsApp is unfortunatly not compatible with your phone.

How do you convert a abc text to qwerty pad in Samsung corby 2?
As the samsung manufacturer...

How do you change the language on a Samsung B3410?
you go 2 settings in menu under language i think.

Can you play Angry Birds on Samsung gt b 3410?
No you can not play angry birds on samsung gt-b3410 but you can play on android phone like samsung galaxy young

Where can i get dictionary for Samsung corby pro?
It's inbuilt.

Where can you get a samsung touch corby?
got mine from eBay :)

What is the cost of samsung corby pro?
Its About INR.12,000.

How do you download whatsapp on samsung corby c3510?
No you cannot.

What is the cost of corby?
Samsung Corby Pro B5310 Price in India: Rs. 10,500/- Indian Rupee (INR)

Does a sumsung corby have a memory card slot?
Yes, Samsung Corby has a memory card slot. You can have up to 8gb in it.

How much is Samsung 3650 corby?
Something About INR.6500

How do you change the Message Setting samsung corby?
ithink we cant do that

How do you calibrate the Samsung GT S3850 Corby II Touch calibration?
Someone taught me how to perform calibration for samsung corby 2 GT S3850. But unfortunately, I forgot to do it as well. That's my problem though! :(

How do you change the keyboard on samsung corby II?
To change the keyboard on Samsung Corby II, go to settings, language and keyboard. Change the keyboard to the desired settings, and then save whatever work one has done.

Can you put a Telecom XT sim in a vodafone Samsung B3410-please?
no you cant, only 2 degrees

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