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Recently, a number of the world's major project management organisations have taken major initiatives to illuminate government management regarding the strategic value and advantages of project management. The focus is to move from individual project management to organisational project management, which these organisations preserve is a strategic advantage in a competitive economy.

In this essay, Ed Naughton, Director-general of the Institute of Project Management and recent IPMA Vice President, requires Professor Sebastian Green, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Professor of Management and Marketing at University College Cork (previously of the London Business School), about his views of strategic project management as a car for competitive advantage.

Ed: What does one point ideal Project Management is?

Prof. Green: Strategic project management may be the management of the jobs that are of crucial importance to enable the business in general to get competitive advantage.

Ed: And what defines a competitive advantage, then?

Prof. Green: There are three features of having a core competence. The three attributes are: it gives value to customers; it is maybe not easily imitated; it opens up new possibilities later on.

Ed: But just how can task management generate a competitive advantage?

Prof. Green: You will find two factors to project management. One part is the actual choice of the sort of projects that the organisation partcipates in, and subsequently there's implementation, how the projects themselves are maintained.

Ed: Competitive advantage - the value of choosing the correct projects - it is not easy to establish which projects should be chosen!

Prof. Green: I think that the choice and prioritisation of projects is something that's not been done well within-the project management literature because it is essentially been assumed away through reducing it to financial analysis. The strategic imperative gives a different way to you of prioritising projects as it is saying that some projects might not be as profitable as others, but if they add to our proficiency relative to others, then that is going to be important. Should you wish to be taught supplementary information on glyconutrients, there are lots of resources you can investigate.

So, to simply take an illustration, if a company's competitive advantage is introducing new services more quickly than the others, pharmaceuticals, let us say, getting product to market more quickly, then a projects that allow it to get the product more quickly to market are going to be the most important types, even if within their own terms, they don't have higher profitability than various projects.

Ed: But if we are going to select our tasks, we've to define what're the variables or metrics we are going to select them against that give us the competitive edge.

Prof. Green: Positively. The business needs to know which actions it is engaged in, which are the critical ones for it then and competitive advantage, that drives the selection of projects. Organizations aren't excellent at doing that and they could not even know what those actions are. They will believe that it is every thing they do because of the power system.

Ed: If a company formulates its strategy, then what the project management community says is that project management may be the channel for giving that strategy. So therefore, when the operation is good at doing project management, are there any strategic advantage?

Prof. Green: Well, I suppose that comes home to this issue of the difference between the type of projects that are selected and the way you manage the projects. Obviously selecting the kind of projects depends on having the ability to link and prioritise projects according to a knowledge of what the potential of an enterprise is relative to others.

Ed: Let's suppose that the method is defined. To be able to provide the strategy, it's to be separated, decomposed into a series of jobs. Consequently, you should be good at doing project management to supply the strategy. Today, the literature says that for an organisation to become proficient at doing projects it's to: put in project management procedures, train people on how to apply/do project management and co-ordinate the efforts of the people trained to work to procedures in and integral way using the notion of a project company. Does using those three steps provide a competitive advantage with this organisation?

Prof. Green: Where project management, or how you handle projects, becomes a source of competitive advantage is when you may do things better than others. The 'a lot better than' is through the experience and reasoning and the data that will be developed with time of managing projects. There is an event curve effect here. Regarding knowledge they've built up to handle those components of tasks where the rule book is insufficient two firms will be at different points in the experience curve. You need management judgement and experience since however good the rule book is, it will never deal completely with all the complexity of life. You have to manage down the experience curve, you have to manage the understanding and learning that you've of these three areas of project management because of it to become proper.

Ed: Well, then, I believe there is a gap there that has to be resolved as well, in that we've now developed a competency at doing project management to do projects, but we've not aimed that competency to the choice of projects which will help us to give this competitive edge. Is project management capable of being imitated?

Prof. Green: Not the softer elements and not the develop-ment of tacit understanding of having run many, many jobs with time. So, for example, you, Ed, have more familiarity with how to work projects than other people. That is why people came to you, because while you both may have a regular book such as the PMBoK or even the ICB, you have produced more experiential knowledge around it.

Essentially, it may be copied a certain amount of the way in which, although not when you arrange the softer tacit knowledge of experience into it.

Ed: Organisational project management maturity designs are a hot topic right now and are closely for this 'experience curve' effect you mentioned earlier in the day - how should we see them?

Prof. Green: I believe in moving beyond painting by figures, moving beyond the idea that that is all you should do and you can enforce this set of capabilities and procedures and text book practices and a business is completely plastic. You might say, just the same problem was experienced by the developers of the ability curve. If you show organizations the knowledge curve o-n cost, it's very nearly as though, for every single doubling of size, cost reductions occur without you having to do any such thing. What we all know is though, the experience curve is a potential of the possibility. Its' realisation depends on the skill of managers.

Ed: Are senior executives/chief executives within the attitude to understand the possible benefits of project management?

Prof. Green: Until recently, project management has promoted it self in technical terms. This cogent read more link has several splendid warnings for where to mull over it. If it was promoted in terms-of the integration at standard management, at the capability to manage across the characteristics lending method methods with thinking, then it would be more attractive to senior managers. So, it is about the experience that produces project management so powerful, the methods together with the judgement and the mixing of the smooth and the hard. To get a second perspective, please check out: the best. If senior managers don't accept it at the moment, it is not because they are wrong. It's because project management has not marketed it self as effectively as it should've done.

Ed: Do we have to sell to senior executives and chief executives that it'll produce competitive advantage to them?

Prof. Green: No, I do believe we need to demonstrate to them how it does it. We have to get inside and actually show them how they could use it, not merely with regards to offering tasks on time and within cost. We need to demonstrate to them how they can use it to over come organisational resistance to change, how they can use it to enhance capabilities and activities that lead to competitive edge, how they can use it to enhance the tacit knowledge in the operation. There's a whole range of ways in which they can utilize it. They have to note that the proof of the end result is better than the way they are currently doing it..

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