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But do we realize that there are many things we have to check always before agreeing to exchanging links with another web site? After-all, the entire point of exchanging links...

I think that people all know now how essential backlinks are for the search engine ranking success of our web site. I also think that all of us know now that one way to get these backlinks is by doing link transactions with other sites. (For the uninitiated, backlinks are links o-n other web sites that point out ours.)

But do we realize that there are numerous things we have to examine before agreeing to exchanging links with yet another web site? After-all, the entire point of exchanging links with others is always to take advantage of the standing of their web sites. It's for that reason essential that we examine in advance as to whether exchanging links with another site is to our advantage or not.

I've thought about this whole idea of link exchange preparation and came up with a 3-step process that involves an analysis of 3 pages of the web page you want to exchange links with. The 3 pages are:

- where we shall have to examine 7 reasons for having that page the home page,

- the directory page: this is actually the site that contains a listing of categories that your website has come up with in a bid to organize its link exchanges. We need to examine 7 things here,

- the backlink page: here is the site that will include our backlink. We also need to check always 7 things here.

Observe that in some cases, the 'target' site will not have a listing site. If that's the case, our analysis is a 2-step one in the place of an one.

In this first article, of might be 2 or 3, we should examine the 7 things (arranged in 2 groups) we must check about the webpage of the goal website.

1. We must check what Google thinks of-the site. This can be done by considering some items that Google is pleased to report a couple of site. The concept here will be to see if you will find any problems with the site, from Google's viewpoint, that could cause us to determine to not trade links with them.

I recommend that we look at:

a) how many pages does your website have indexed? This is done through the use of '' in the Google search box,

b) how many backlinks does Google statement for your site? This is often done through the use of '' in the Google search box,

D) is the site shown in Google's index? This is often done by utilizing '' in the Google search box,

d) what is the Page Rank of the site/home page? There are numerous ways of doing this. One-way would be to obtain the Google toolbar and go to the web site to determine its PR. Still another way is to utilize one of the many web sites on the net that permits us to obtain the PR of any web site. And yet another way would be to try to find software that will tell you the PR of any web sites.

Although we shall usually need to examine these 4 things together in a sort of dining table in-order to decide whether the target site passes the first step or not, you'll find certain results that could cause me to decide right away not to change links having a site:

- when the PR of your website is zero,

- if the site isn't listed in the Google index,

If the site doesn't have any pages found by Google -.

You'll note here that I am using Google because the first step in the preparation. In fact, we may use any search engine if we need to but given that Google is more particular than the others as it pertains to backlinks, I would suggest using Google in the above first-step.

2. I'd then suggest that we examine 3 tickets of the property page of the target site, in a bid to ascertain when the site includes a style suitable for ours:

a) its name tag,

b) its explanation tag,

c) its key words label. This fine linklicious free account web site has diverse elegant aids for how to provide for it.

There are numerous methods for examining the contents of the web page's labels. Then you'll need to visit the home page and select the proper menu command to view the contents of the page, if your browser, such as MSIE, allows you to view the contents of a web page. You then will have to search to the top of the page-to see the contents of its tickets. The choice is always to search for web sites on the net that allow you to view the contents of the tags of any web pages. There are lots of such internet sites online. Linklicious Free is a lovely library for further concerning the reason for it.

The reason behind this step is that Google takes into account the concept of the web sites when looking at backlinks. This implies that backlinks from a site that's a theme compatible with mine will soon be of higher value than one that comes from a site that has nothing to do with what our site is about. To explore more, people might hate to take a peep at: tutorial.

As stated above, this preparation is on the website of the target web site and is only step one. You can find 2 more steps: one on the listing page and one on the backlink page.

It is only once the prospective web site passes the 3 steps that we must feel confident about trading links with them in that the hyperlink change will be to our advantage. Needless to state that the mark web site will even need to conduct an identical 3-step analysis of our site prior to wanting to trade links with us.

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