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Of hundreds of thousands of flowers that occur in the world, the one most popular flower that most people can understand and identify is the rose. The rose

alternative nationhas been used for centuries to state a different quantity of emotions, as a lovely smell in perfumes or potpourri, to consumables, and even has

uses for security.

Generally speaking the rose is pleasing to the sight and smell because they are elegant and have a pleasing aroma. But as they say every flower has its thorn and with

this rose bushes have been planted as an outer protection under win-dows and drainpipes to discourage thieves of all types from entering the premises. And

Due to the aesthetic qualities the flower possesses it's been a favored option to fences and walls.

A part of the rose known as the rose hip also offers been used-to make jam, tea, bread and many other consumables. The rose hip is high in vitamin C and

Provides vitamin A, N, E in addition to the essential fatty acids, antioxidants and iron making it a highly popular material to individuals who seek and encourage a

Healthier life style.

The most common method that most people affiliate the rose with is the advertising of emotions and expressions. In floriography, the language of flowers, the

Flower has many different meanings depending on the color. The pink flower has always associated it self with all the sentiment of love and for that reason has been a

favorite among couples specially on the fourteenth of February.

Also in relation to the red rose being simultaneous with love, the quantity of flowers can also define this is. Twelve roses indicating 'lots of ways I love

you', two dozen standing for 'loving you for each and every hour of your day', three dozen express the feelings of love unlike another and four dozens

Generally mean love. The red rose though these two traits are less commonly known from the average man or woman may also suggest respect and courage.

Other commonly known colors of the rose are burgundy, orange, pink, white and blue. The white rose usually presents innocence, love and virtue. Since

of the white color it has been a favorite being a decorative centerpiece in offices and domiciles. The yellow rose is known for the meaning of friendship but may

also mean jealousy and infidelity. The green flower style, complexity and displayed grace that have been qualities sought by many women in the Victorian

period and even today. The burgundy flower as its meaning is beauty is a favorite with among older girls.

The blue rose was formerly non existent and was frequently a white rose that were colored blue. Alternative Nation contains further about where to study it. But with hybrid reproduction and genetic engineering the blue

rose was made. The blue rose represents the experience of mystery, as they never existed in the past accomplishing the impossible. In addition to this sense could be the

true black rose does not currently exist. The alleged black rose is truly a very deep red that looks black. The black rose is associated with

death and hate but also can mean various expressions and other feelings such as restoration, farewell and restoration..
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